R&D Collaborations

Therapeutic programs

Partnering with our specializing IPSC CDMO platforms allow access to technical expertise with cost efficiencies in advanced manufacturing, bioproduction process and scalability to accelerate the delivery and implementation of novel ATMPs from iPSCs in cancer, injury and chronic diseases.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between scientific discovery (proof of concept) and its early translation into medicines and market by strong interactions of INGESTEM’s teams with academic organizations and private companies.

We aspire to excellence by creating strategic partnership with private biotech and pharma as well as public institutions that allow living drugs cellular and gene therapy development and new therapeutics concepts in the field of oncology and regenerative medicine.

We are aiming to develop off the shelf functional ATMPs from iPSCs (derived cells and organoids) focused on defined unmet medical needs in several diseases by:

  • Immune intervention strategies using Tregs, iMSCs to induce immune tolerance or adoptive active immunotherapy using engineered universal immune cells (CAR-iT, iNK, idendritic cells…)
  • Repairing organ failure and tissue replacement from depleted cells by repopulation of stem cells / differentiated cells and/or correction of genetic defects.

Co-developments / services New

  • Bioproduction and characterizations of human allogeneic haplotyped IPSC lines clinical grade compliant: cGMP reprogramming method, universal IPSC (National IPSC haplobank).
  • Production (translation technology from pre-clinical to cGMP grade) of differentiated cells (iCSH Lymphocytes iT, iNK, iCD, iTReg, iMSC or other cells on co-development) and genome editing.
  • Pré-clinical studies (animal and organoid in vitro models, potency assays)