Cell banks

The biobank “iPSC Research Tool”

The iPSC bank  used in a research setting is continuously enriched by the participating teams of INGESTEM either internally in the consortium or in collaboration with other researchy groups,  scientific projects being selected by the Executive Committee.

The bank is:

  • Qualified using international standards (“International Stem Cell Initiative”) and quality control.
  • Cryopreserved in each production site  (with a backup bank in a different facility).
  • Amplified on demand at large scale (qualified secondary bank) for distribution
  • Available for academic and industrial communities with specific agreements or in  collaborative projects.

iPS cell lines registry

More than 200 normal and pathological iPSC lines are currently available.

  • INGESTEM’s currently registered iPSC lines are described in (http://www.hescreg.eu)
  • The bank includes in addition to iPS cells, differentiated cells, nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), dry pellets and protein extracts.

The iPSC lines produced by external laboratories can enter INGESTEM cell bank after intern quality control.

“Clinical Grade” IPSC bank

A GMP HLA Homozygous iPS cell bank is being planned for future clinical trials within a global network of IPS cell Haplobanks. The alliance called “Global Alliance for IPS Therapies” (GAIT) is seeking global standardization and involves international partners and different countries. This program involves, at the national level, the University Paris Sud, INSERM and Genopole with a partnership of the French Blood Establishment (EFS) and french hospitals. This program is carried out by teams of ESTeam Paris Sud and I-Stem at Genopole d’Evry, in state of the art new facilities built for pharmaceutical production, and supported by the Ile de France Region (CPER, University Paris Sud).

Partnerships with biotechnology companies will enhance synergy of skills and performance.

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  • Cryogenic storage of cell lines bank © AFMTELETHON / Luc Morvan