The Institute for Research on Stem Cells and Brain in Lyon (SBRI) studies the development of neuronal circuits in normal and pathological conditions, in particular in Parkinson’s disease.

PrimaStem is a biotechnology platform on stem cells  funded by INSERM and INRA in the UMRS 846. The goal of PrimaStem within INGESTEM is to generate ES/ IPSC-based germline chimaeras in non-human primates, rabbits, and rodents for transgenic models.


  • Scientific Direction: Dr. Pierre Savatier
  • Technical manager: Dr. Marielle Afanassieff


  • Engineering non murine pluripotent stem cells.
  • Molecular mechanisms involved in self-renewal in the naive pluripotent state.
  • Animal transgenesis.

Involvement in INGESTEM:

  • Production of somatic and germline chimeras in different species including rabbits and non-human primates from ES and iPS cell lines.
  • Generation of pluripotent stem cell lines that self-renew in naive pluripotent state (study of early development)
  • Construction of IPSC with gene reporter for monitoring the behavior of grafted cells in vivo (safety and efficacy of cell therapies).

Major publications:

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