Inauguration of FSSCR

INGESTEM | Published on 28/09/2016 • Updated on 28/09/2016

The opening day of the FSSCR be held at the Pasteur Institute, November 7, 2016.

We thank Shahragim Tajbakhsh for his involvement in the organization of this event.

The following speakers have been invited :

  • Jean-Claude Ameisen for intervention on stem cells and the ethical issues raised by their use
  • Michele de Luca for a presentation on his research in regenerative medicine.

A representative of the German Stem Cell Network or EuroStemCell will share with us a feedback on the creation of their institutions.
The meeting is supported by ITMO BCDE ( Multi-Thematic Institute “Cellular biology, development and evolution”).

We especially invite young researchers (doctoral and post-doctoral researchers) to come and participate in the creation of this new project.