The Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology (IGBMC) is developing a trans-disciplinary research at the interface of biology, biochemistry, physics and medicine, close from Starsbourg.

The technology platform for high throughput screening of INGESTEM within IGBMC associates within Inserm, CNRS and the University of Strasbourg. Its activity is dedicated to the development and optimization of differentiation of normal and pathological pluripotent stem cells and the identification of novel molecular targets.


  • Scientific Direction: Prof. Olivier Pourquié
  • Technical Manager: Dr. Laurent Brino


  • Developmental biology and transgenesis
  • Study of cellular and molecular mechanisms of normal and pathological embryogenesis
  • Cell Differentiation

Involvement in INGESTEM:

  • Production models reportrices cell lines (lineage-specific promoter) from the bank of ES and iPS INGESTEM of murine and human.
    Screening programs (RNAi and chemical compounds)

    Major publications

  • Differentiation of pluripotent stem cells to muscle fiber to model Duchenne muscular dystrophy.Chal J, Oginuma M, Al Tanoury Z, Gobert B, Sumara O, Hick A, Bousson F, Zidouni Y, Mursch C Moncuquet P, Tassy O, Vincent S, Miyanari A, Bera A, Garnier JM, Guevara G, Hestin M, L Kennedy, S Hayashi, Drayton B Cherrier T-Gayraud Morel B, E Gussoni, Relaix F, S Tajbakhsh, Pourquié O. Nat Biotechnol. 2015 Sep; 33 (9): 962-9.
  • Hox genes control body elongation by collinear vertebrate Wnt repression.Denans N, T Iimura, Pourquié O. Elifa. 2015 Feb 26; 4.
  • Looking inwards: opening a window onto human development.Pourquié O, B Bruneau, Keller G, Smith A. Development. 1 January 2015; 142 (1): 1-2.
  • Integrative data mining highlights candidate genes for monogenic myopathies.Abath Neto O, O Tassy, ​​Biancalana V Zanoteli E, Pourquié O, J. Laporte .PLoS One. 2014 October 29; 9 (10): e110888.
  • Signalling dynamics in vertebrate segmentation.Hubaud A, Nat Rev Mol Pourquié O. Cell Biol. 2014 November; 15 (11): 709-21
  • Developmental Biology. Managing patterns and proportions over time. Pourquie O.Science. 2014 September 26; 345 (6204): 1565-6

More information about IGBMC: http://www.igbmc.fr/