Quality control tests

  • INGESTEM gives access to a wide selection of quality tests to ensure the safety, integrity and functionality of your iPSC lines and derived cells.

Key steps

INGESTEM proposes quality tests recognized by the international standards of the International Stem Cell Initiative

More specific tests developed by the teams of the consortium

New tests to validate through collaborative projects.

List of avalible tests

Assays for pluripotency :

  • Phenotypic markers by flow cytometry and immunohistology (Oct4, Sox2, Nanog, SSEA4 ..)
  • Pluritest by q-PCR.
  • Histological Markers
  • 3 Germ Layers Markers by QTLDA in Embryo├»d Bodies
  • Metabolic Signature (FTIR)
  • Teratoma assay

Sanitary status

  • Mycoplasmas
  • HIV
  • CMV
  • HCV, HBV

Genetic integrity:

  • Karyotype
  • FISH
  • CHG array (CNV, CNA)
  • SNP
  • Telomeres
  • Targeted NGS
  • Exome sequencing

Genomic features:

  • miRNA expression profile by QTLDA
  • Methylation profile
  • Transcriptome analysis


  • Removal of Sendai Virus
  • Tumor markers (oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes), telomerase, senescence markers.
  • Tumorigenicity assay
  • Immunogenicity assay

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