R&D Collaborations

Preclinical models for regenerative medicine and cell therapy

INGESTEM offers its expertise to accelerate your translational research projects for the development of innovative therapeutic protocols using cell and tissue engineering to create animal models for in vivo validation.


INGESTEM is to transform the fundamental concepts of cell and gene therapies by gene correction protocols for patient.

This important standardization effort in quality and safety of cellular products is the prerequisite for the development of cell and gene therapies derived from iPSC.

  • INGESTEM develops and validates therapeutic concepts in preclinical models using cells derived from human, pigs and non human primates iPSC (on-going patenting). These approaches aim to assess the functionality and safety (including tumorigenicity) of cell graft.
  • INGESTEM implements and transfers GMP procedures of iPSC-derived cells of clinical grade for cell and gene therapies (phase I-II)

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