R&D Collaborations

Large-scale production of human cells

Several medical and biotechnological applications need the use of a large amount of stem cells or their derivatives, which can only be obtained from primary cells and tissues from an organ. IPSC technology is a major innovative solution in this respect and industrialization lower cost procedures is a development area in the heart of the concerns of experts INGESTEM.


Industrialization of production

INGESTEM offers all the skills and expertise for industrial production of iPS cell lines and differentiated cells derived from IPSC.

INGESTEM provides protocols for scale-up iPSC amplification and production of differentiated cells that are reproducible and automated in 96 and 384 well plates, with the same level of quality than small scale production.

Optimization of production costs

INGESTEM develops optimization strategies for cell culture by controlling production costs using miniaturized methods in collaboration with specialized research teams.

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